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We provide a variety of services to public institutions, cities, NGOs, companies, startups and communities. We operate as a catalyzing network for our partners. Collaboration with Ouishare can take many forms: we organize and facilitate events, partner up to research emerging topics, consult on new business models and organisational transformation, contribute to learning and development programmes, support the creation of emergent communities, and organize learning expeditions.

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Since 2012 we have collaborated with:


Ouishare co-produces events with organizations looking to host innovative conferences, festivals and workshops. We specialize in bringing together diverse stakeholders like entrepreneurs, social innovators, non-profit and business leaders, grassroots activists, public officials and academics to network and discuss topics face-to-face. Our events are participatory, collaborative and zero waste.

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Organisational Transformation

At Ouishare we experiment with new ways of working that encourage autonomy, initiative and personal development. We have learned a lot about organisational design over the last six years. We work with our partners to share our knowledge and to explore the future of organisations.

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Action-Based Research

As a think-tank and network of experts, Ouishare conducts action-based research to help public administrations, organizations and companies understand and face the current challenges of their ecosystem. We identify emerging and disruptive practices and services with the aim to foster collaboration and new alliances between companies, associations and citizens.

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Emergent Communities

Ouishare has been created as a community and a think-tank where we could experiment, learn, and document how communities are born, grow, and evolve over time. Ouishare Open Source allows others to learn from our mistakes and achievements. We now work closely with entrepreneurs and organizations who put community design at the heart of their strategy.

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Learning Expeditions

Thanks to the Ouishare network, we have access to innovative and specialized ecosystems around the world. In our Learning Expeditions, we bring together groups of maximum 15 people to explore and meet innovators of all kinds, from entrepreneurs and activists to collectives and local authorities. With them we unravel a particular theme, we explore the emerging trends and imagine novel solutions to current challenges.

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